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Load collective counters for hydraulic hoistings


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Collecting and saving of the operating conditions of hoistings 

Brandmaier: Schema der Lastkollektivzähler
  • Maximum life time for your hoistings, resulting thus in cost cutting
  • Recording of the working stress / operating conditions
  • Display of the service life

Lifting units for hoistings are designed for a defined load spectrum. The concept for dimensioning and certification is thus designed only for a limited service life.

A load collective counter is used to record the dynamic load in operation as accurately as possible, in order to calculate the used share of the theoretical expected service life. Once the end of this service life is reached according to the counter’s result, a general overhaul has to be made.  

Thus the real expected service life of hoistings is largely dependent on the quality of the counting procedure respectfully on the type of the load collective counter.

The calculation is done according to the regulations of the FEM-directive. Due to the exact measurement of the pressure in the hydraulic wire and rotation speed recording of our load collective counters the following advantages are achieved:

  • Maximum use of the theoretical expected service life of hoistings
  • Exact recording and saving of the real working stress/operating conditions
  • Continuous calculation  and display of the already used service life
  • Problem-free use of the operation data for further tasks

By using our load collective counters it is possible to increase the service life of hoistings by approx.. 20-50%.

For configurating and setting up our load collective counter a configuration device or a PC configuration software that runs under Windows is available. These are independent from any LAKO type.


Standard model for all load capacities


Technical information as download

 LAKO1 (PDF 162 KB)


Load collective counter  LAKO 1
Load capacity: 0..20 t, 0..50 t, 0..100 t, 0..>100 t
Incoming signal hoisting power from load cell: 0/4..20 mA
Rotation speed: 1 impulse per motor rotation
Galvanic separation of incoming signals: Yes
Power supply: 230 VAC
Power input: ca. 10 W
Weight: ca. 3 kg
Material of housing: Aluminium die-cast
Dimensions (WxHxD): 260x160x90 mm
Type of protection: IP54
Display of load [tons or kg], rotation speed [1/min] resp. lifting speed [m/min] and used service life [%]


Universal compact solution, especially for small cranes, 
cost efficient starter model



Load collective counter  LAKO 3
Load capacity: 0..20 t
Incoming signal hoisting power: 0/4..20 mA
Rotation speed: 2 digital inputs for rotation speed 1 or rotation speed 2 active
Galvanic separation of incoming signals: No
Power supply: 24 VDC
Power input: ca. 10 W
Weight: ca. 1 kg
Material of housing: Aluminium powder-coated for top-hat rail mounting
Dimensions (WxHxD): smallest dimensions: 100x76x61 mm
Type of protection: IP54
Display of used service life [%]

Options for all load collective counters

Apart from the standard execution, a number of additional options are available for an extended use of our load collective counters. 

  • Hoisting load measurement
  • Rotation speed recording
  • External hoisting load display (see numeric or alphanumeric displays)
  • Display of the already used service life
  • Data output via serial interface
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Electronic slack rope protection
  • Recording overload cases
  • Function monitoring load collective counter
  • Automatc monitoring of the service life limit
  • Version KTA

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