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LCD display technology

LCD-displays are passive displays, where in predefined segments the light transmission will be switched on and off by supply voltage.

There are no moving and wear parts. There is also no aging based on the power-on time and switching operation of the segments. The LTN displays are very energy saving because they don't emit light but use the ambient light. The LCD glasses are characterized by low installation depth and low weight.

Shape, position and size of the individually controllable segments are defined for specific applications by the layout of the liquid crystal cell.

We can provide the following two LCD modules:

reflectiv Controled segments are visible by reflection of the incident light.

Controled segments are translucent and visible by the backlight or by reflection of the incident light.

The transmitted light of the backlight is effective in less incident light or darkness.

Our glasses in the patented LTN technology (Low Twist Nematic) are bright if no voltage is applied and give a extremely high contrast. These technology has the following advantages:

real black/white display

no change in the background color under different viewing angles and temperatures or changing ambient brightness conditions

our patented LTN technology has a better contrast, a significant higher brightness and a low power consumption for the backlight

the contrast and the brightness can be increased by optical connecting of the LCD glass to the front glass

extremely efficient and low power LED backlight

very important for solar powered displays

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