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For hymn displays any letter and a limited number of words can be depicted. Light intensity can be adjusted individually for any display in order to guarantee an optimum readable visibility. All displays are available for on-wall and in-wall mounting.  In addition all displays can be delivered with an electrically driven or mechanical swivel arm or a static holder. As a standard all Brandmaier displays are equipped with an integrated overload protection.

All displays can be operated directly or by remote control.

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ATS Series

are the consequent  advancement of our fail-safe hymn display boards that have been in the market for 15 years. 
The completely new control  technology for hymn displays profits from several years of failure-free experience in industrial and outdoor signs with highest demands.

The front panel of this new hymn display can be designed in any colour and pattern. In case of in-wall mounting the displays are invisible when turned off and thus do not disturb the appearance of the church interior.

Borken   invisible

For the first time we are able to depict also white figures. Even exposed to direct sunlight they can be read without any problem. 

The advantages of these new series speak for themselves:

  • Absolutely invisible as the front can be designed in any colour
  • Figures displayable in white colour
  • Pin sharp display
  • Extremely flat design
Borken   visible

AT Series

Hymn  displays

Our robust bestseller. This technology has been proven in far more than 1.000 churches.

The mechanical size can be adjusted to almost all dimensions.

Displays can be delivered also as 5-figure execution and with 3 lines.

Keyboard ET 40

 Input  keyboard ET 40

Operator-friendly due to an integrated, well-structured and illuminated plain text display. The ET 40 controls an unlimited number of different displays.

The extensive memory allows for saving complete church services and calling them up on demand, thus offering the best support for the operator. 

For the remote control version the keyboard can be delivered with a high performance battery, so that the programming can be done from any remote place.

 Examples for our hymn displays in churches:

Paul-Gerhard-Kirche in Munich  
Basilika Weingarten Münsterkirche Zwiefalten
Kirche in   Anzing Kirche in   Baindt
Kath.   Kirche St. Jodok in Ravensburg Kirche in   Ursenwang


Hymn displays by Brandmaier
ATS Series Optional figure colours: white, yellow, red
  Number of ines: 2
  Number of figures per line: 4
  Figure height: 120 mm
  Resolution: 10x16-matrix
  Colour front panel: freely selectable
  Dimensions (W x H x D): 450 x 380 x 35 mm 
AT Series Optional figure colours: yellow, red
  Number of ines: 1, 2, 3
  Number of figures per line: 3, 4, 5
  Figure height: 50, 60, 75, 100, 120 mm
  Resolution: 5x7-Matrix, 10x14-Matrix, 10x16-Matrix
  Colour front panel: white, beige, grey, dark red
  Dimensions (W x H x D): 510 x 430 x 75 mm 
Power supply: 230 VAC or 24 VDC  
Control: Wireless or cable  
Mounting: On-wall or in-wall
electric swivel arm
mechanical swivel arm
static holder

All displays are qualified for industrial use and have undergone long-term experience in industry under hardest conditions . We can present you the legal certifications and inspection records for the CE label.

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