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Alphanumeric LED-displays and LCD-displays of the AL series

Schütz, Schrifthöhe180 mmAlphanumeric displays of the AL series are used where plaintext information for a fast communication from man to man or from man to machine is needed.

All alphanumeric displays, also called matrix displays, work with the complete ASCII-code. Due to a great variety of standard modules it is possible to realise almost all character sizes and line lengths. In a homogeneous LED surface not only texts, but also moving texts and fixed graphics can be displayed.

They are absolutely weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoor purposes.

Possible fields of application:

  • Indicators and direction signs
  • Schedules
  • Departures and arrivals
  • Guidance systems
  • Information for employees
  • Machine data/error messages
Dagebüll,Schrifthöhe 180 mm Aufstellplatz Norderney, Schrifthöhe 120 / 200 mm Rhein-Main-Halle, Schrifthöhe 30 / 60 / 120 mm

Technical information as download

 Alphanumeric displays (PDF 865 KB)


Alphanumeric displays of the AL series (LED displays / LCD displays)
LED-Displays Optional colours: red,yellow, green, blue, white
  Reading angles: 110° horizontal/55° vertical for outdoor displays
unlimited for indoor displays
  Pixel distances: 2,54 / 4,7 / 7,62 / 10,0 / 16,0 / 20,0 mm
  For outdoor displays: with automatic light intensity regulation depending on the outdoor light
LCD-Displays Optional colours: yellow script on dark background
white script on blue background
  Script types 38-segment-script
  Modular technology: transflective (with backlighting of the LCD glasses)
reflective (without backlighting)
  Reading angle: 140°
  Backlight: LED-technology
Our standard character sizes 18, 30, 50, 100, 120, 240, 
320 mm
others on demand
Number of lines any desired  
Number of characters per line  any desired  
Temperature range Standard:    0..+70 °C 
  Extended: -25..+85 °C 
Construction 1- or 2-sided; 
Special constructions on demand
Interfaces digital (binary, BCD, impulse)
analogue (0..10V or 0/4..20mA)
serial (RS 232, RS 422, RS 485)
Ethernet (TCP/IP)
field bus
data transmission, GSM
Power supply 230 VAC
110 VAC
24 VDC 
others on demand
Housing Sheet steel: for indoor applications
Safety class IP 54 or higher
Colour: standard RAL 9011 (as an option all RAL-colours)
  Aluminium profile: for indoor and outdoor applications
Safety class IP 54 or higher
Colour: standard silver anodised (as an option all RAL-colours)
  Stainless steel: for indoor and outdoor applications
Safety class IP 54 or higher
brush-finished or natural
Ex-Zeichen All displays can be delivered in explosion proof execution on demand. 

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