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company headquarters in Horb

Customer requests in the focus 

From the planning to the development, up to the production: Brandmaier offers you know-how from one source. And that pays off - profit from highest quality and flexibility during the implementation of a project.


We are all ears for your questions, requests and ideas: Not only in the consultation phase, but also in cooperating during the execution of your order and the after-sales service. Customer care and support do not end with the completion of a project. Because only content customers recommend us.

We are your partner and at your disposal any time. 

"Our principles and experience in the area of electrical engineering and especially optoelectronics are so extensive, that I am glad having the opportunity to equip students with this knowledge as a college docent.

And exactly this knowledge we would like to offer to you in form of our products - made in Germany and always up-to-date. Because only premium and sophisticated products leave our house."

Markus Brandmaier
General Manager
Dipl. Ing. for Electrical Engineering

Liststr. 1 · 72160 Horb · Germany · Tel. +49 (0) 7451 55 69 88-0 · +49 (0) 7451 55 69 88-11 · info[at]

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